Highlands/Caveat Road Committee

The Highlands/Caveat Road Committee was established in March 2000.  It was born out of a Community Meeting held to discuss the state of the districts roads, which had fallen into considerable neglect and inattention.

The Committee membership represents the main areas within the Highlands district, including Caveat and Dropmore.

Its main activities are to monitor and audit maintenance needs and to make submissions to the shires of Murrindindi and Mitchell as necessary.   So far the Committee has been successful in developing constructive relationships both with the council and the Shire Works Manager and staff.  This has resulted in some major works being completed over the last few years.  The main roads are now effectively sealed.

One of he benefits of having the Committee is to rationalise contact with the Shire.  Instead of individual representation, the Committee does it collectively and thus has greater authority.  This does not mean that individual residents should not make contact with the shires, but people are encouraged to communicate through the Roads Committee when they have road needs.

The Committee has a running schedule of maintenance needs, based on information from residents and surveys made by the Road Committee in collaboration with the Work Manager.

It is helpful to know that shire funding works at two levels.  One is maintenance and the other is capital works.  It is the latter which is the focus for annual submissions.  Unfortunately one of the realities is the lack of road funding generally, a continual source of buck passing between state and Federal governments.

Please feel free to contact any member of the Roads Committee, if you have complaints or suggestions.

A Community Notice Board is situated at the corner of Ghin Ghin Rd and the Goulburn Murray Highway.  There are two permanent sections, one for the School and one for Highlands Arts Experience. Other groups can use the notice board for temporary notices.  Arrangements can be made with the Road Committee Convener.  It cannot be used for commercial use.

Current Committee Membership.

  •     Stuart Reid  (Convener) 5796 9358
  •     Michael Kopanica 5790 4235
  •     Ric McAlpin 5796 3888
  •     Scott McKay 5796 9259
  •     John Sporry  5790 4361
  •     Miranda Yorston 5796 9261

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